The InGrid (or LifeShield) Home Security System – Is It Awesome? (Part 2 of 2 – The Install)

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NOTE: InGrid recently changed their name to LifeShield, but the equipment and service is still the same as is reviewed here

If you are interested in how I got to this point, check out the first post.

UPDATE 10-18-2010: LifeShield has added a few items/features you should know about:
They now sell the cellular backup unit. Add it to your system and your alarms will go through even if your phone lines and internet connection are cut.
They also now offer a smartphone app for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. I’ve used the Android and BlackBerry versions and I’ll review them here ASAP.
One last thing, I’ve reviewed their Wireless Homeview Camera which integrates with the security system.

UPDATE (05-10-2012): I’ve been less-than-thrilled with the business practices of LifeShield lately. I still am a big fan of their products and services, so these reviews stand true, but if you’d like to know what they are up to, read this blog post.

UPDATE 10-18-2010: LifeShield has added a few items/features you should know about:

They now sell the cellular backup unit. Add it to your system and your alarms will go through even if your phone lines and internet connection are cut.

They also now offer a smartphone app for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

One last thing, I’ve reviewed their Wireless Homeview Camera which integrates with the security system.

UPDATE 11-11-2010: The battery in my Siren Detector died already, which is odd, but the good news is that it uses the same batteries as the door/window sensor: a CR2450 coin-cell battery. These can be purchased from for pretty cheap…I bought a 5-pack for under $7 shipped.

UPDATE 12-08-2011 – THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE: In the past year LifeShield has changed their business plan a lot. As you read the review below, bear in mind that the following things are now the case for new customers:

  • They no longer sell the base systems outright, they are free-ish and subsidized by a…
  • Minimum 3 year contract. Sign up for a 5 year contract and your monthly rate will be cheaper (of course). Minimum $35/month for a 3 year contract, minimum $30/month for 5 year. One nice thing about being on contract is that the hardware is completely supported by LS, even including the batteries in your sensors.
  • There is a (minimum) $99 activation fee. It can be higher if you select certain options, such as the Cellular Backup unit

All this being said, it is still a decent deal. If I were security-system shopping today (instead of 2 years ago), I’d probably still go with LifeShield. I recommend you call the competition and get a quote, then check out LifeShield and see how it compares. If you are handy enough to install the system yourself (and you are… it isn’t hard), I think you’ll end up being happier with the LifeShield system.

Original Review:

As I discussed in the last post, I decided to go with the InGrid (LifeShield) security system. I ordered up all the parts I wanted and waited for them to arrive. Before you even receive your hardware, you can set up your account with the web portal ( You create a password for accessing the account as well as other security questions. All of this can be edited later but you might as well get it out of the way now. Once you finish, you can poke around the site and see what kind of settings are available to you. Interesting, but I just couldn’t wait for the hardware to arrive so that I could get started with…

The Install

InGrid hardware

The packaging and documentation were all very impressive. There’s a great attention to detail they show here and it does not go unappreciated. The photo above shows all the stuff I got to start with, although I might add more later. It includes some very nice signs which I think I’ll be leaving in the box. Letting people know you have an alarm system is one thing, letting them know exactly what kind you have is another. Maybe I’ll put up some Brinks signs or something. When you open up the big box, you get this:

InGrid big box 1

A paper telling you, among other things, that “specialty sensors” can’t be added until 24 hours after system activation. No problem, plenty of other sensors to install first. It ended up being less than 24 hours for me anyway. Also included is a CD with PDFs of all the manuals. Then you get to the meat of the system:

InGrid big box 2

The numbered boxes make it even easier than I thought it would be. These 4 units make up the backbone of your security system. They are already associated with each other so there is no “syncing” to be done with these items. Just follow the simple instructions for each box (basically, connect the internal backup battery and plug it in) and you are good to go. Here is a shot of the book showing how simple the instructions are:

InGrid Instructions

As I mentioned, all of the items have internal backup batteries. Supposedly, the batteries will last around 24 hours if your power goes out. They are all simple rechargeable-phone-type batteries that you can buy at WalMart. First up is the base unit:

Base unit still in the box

Base unit still in the box

Base unit front

Base unit front

Base unit back

Base unit back

This guy is the real brain of the operation. You plug it into your internets and into your phone system (VOIP, in my case). It has a cradle for charging the phone unit, but the phone also comes with a charging base, so you don’t NEED to use this to charge the phone. I prefer hiding this somewhere out of sight so that nobody knows where to look to disable your system. If you are using your phone system as a backup, two of the other parts have phone jacks (the Console and the Grid Extender)…which means that this unit could be destroyed but either of those units could still phone home to the monitoring service. That’s part of what is so cool about this system…it is so decentralized.

Next up is the Handset and charger. Here is a pic next to a soda can for size reference:

InGrid handset

This handset has all the functionality of the Console, which is up next:

InGrid console

Either the handset or the console can be used to arm the system, disarm the system, view the status of sensors, and act as a phone (the console acts as a speakerphone). You can set the console on a countertop or mount it on the wall. It needs to be connected to AC power at all times (the battery is really just for backup purposes) so you are somewhat limited in mounting options. These units are also used for adding sensors and other goodies to the system. We’ll get into that shortly. I should also mention that you can view your current weather on either of these units as well as any “weather alerts.” Neato.


I didn’t take a photo of the grid extender… it isn’t very exciting. Basically a brick that you plug into the wall. As I mentioned before, it has a phone jack which will be used to call the monitoring center if other systems fail. The grid extender also does what the name implies… it physically extends the network for sensors and other devices to be recognized by your system, so you should take that into account when deciding where to place all this stuff. You can even put a grid extender in your neighbor’s house (with permission, of course) and plug it into their phone line. That way, a thief would have to cut your internets, your phone, AND your neighbor’s phone to stop the system from calling in an alarm. If power, phone, and cable are knocked out for your entire neighborhood…well… I guess you are SOL… but InGrid says they have a GSM backup module coming soon, so you’ll be able to breathe easy (UPDATE: the GSM backup module is now available from

Once you have these 4 items powered up, you can activate your system online with Very simple process that involves getting a code from the website and then entering it into your handset. Done. Now you can start adding open/closed sensors to your windows and doors. Here’s a little video introduction to the open/closed sensors, followed by a video I made explaining the very simple process of adding a sensor to your security system:

Easy, right?

You can add a bunch of these sensors and then sit down at your computer and name them appropriately from there (if you don’t want to do it from the handset or console).

Once the 24 hours have passed, you’ll get an email to tell you that your system has been activated and you are now in “Practice Mode” for 7 days… which means that any alarm you set off won’t call the monitoring system. So you have 7 days fool around and see how things work without being afraid that the cops will show up and yell at you. This activation email also means you can install your other sensors and dealies. In my case, that meant keyfobs, a siren detector, and a motion detector.

Here are a few videos showing my experience with those 3 addons:

All of that was pretty painless, right? I was a bit annoyed at how the motion sensor integrates with the system, so it gave me an excuse to call their tech support. The problem is that it logs motion events whether the system is armed or not. I understand that concept with door/window sensors, but not with motion sensors… The idea is to keep them in living spaces, so that means you’ll be tripping it all day long. Every time it senses motion, the console and the handset both display “Open: Motion Sensor” as if it is a window you keep opening and closing. My event log on very quickly just gets spammed with these “events.” Sure, I can filter the event log, but I shouldn’t have to. I asked tech support about it and they basically told me that it “isn’t a big deal” and that’s just how it works. They are right, it isn’t a “big deal,” but it IS annoying. There should at least be an OPTION to set it so that motion detector events only get logged (or noticed at all) when the system is armed. Working the way it does, I’m going to put a cover over my motion detector and only take it off when I leave the house or go to bed at night.

Now that the system is up and running, the only thing left to do is give you a quick tour of the myInGrid web UI. The following slideshow takes you through a bunch of the important screens. Many of the features shown here are also available via their mobile-friendly version of the myInGrid site, including being able to look at content grabbed by the cameras attached to your system (I really need to get one of their cameras). If you move your mouse over the slideshow, the controls pop up at the bottom which will allow you to pause it or move forward or backwards in the slideshow. The caption on each screenshot explains what you are looking at.

View the screenshots here if you want to look more closely.

I already mentioned the cameras they offer to integrate with the system. They have a few other items that I don’t (yet) own, but you should know about:

  • Glass break sensors – these recognize the sound of glass breaking and trigger the alarm
  • Water/temperature sensors – these are convenience sensors that alert you to a change in temperature and/or water where it shouldn’t be. I need one of these for our upstairs laundry room.
  • Smoke/heat detectors – you can use these rather than the siren detector I’m using.

I’m hoping that they’ll release some new products soon, such as:

  • A thermostat – would be killer to be able to see the current temperature and change the desired settings remotely
  • Light/appliance controls – or just add a module that supports X10 stuff
  • An outdoor camera – preferably wireless. If it is wired, make it support PoE and include a power injector. Seriously. I will pay for this.
  • A doorbell. This would be interesting to log events on, and it could just ring through all the same units that chirp when a door opens.
  • How about a module with a dry contact interface so we can start to have some REAL fun with this thing…

The Conclusion

So that’s pretty much it… If you have any questions that I have not answered, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best. Aside from the motion detector silliness, I think this is the perfect home security system…well, it is perfect when used in conjunction with the .44 Desert Eagle I keep in my bedroom. Maybe I should put a picture of THAT in my yard rather than the InGrid signs…

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  • Craig


    Thanks you so much for the in depth review of this system. I have been doing some research on my own and I am intrigued by InGrid. I like the price (including the monitoring fee) and the functionality of the wireless components. Your videos are especially helpful for doing a DIY. I am curious as to how long setup took you. I seriously considering this system and will use the link you provided. It is the least I can do for all the hard work you put into this review. Good luck in your quest for free lifetime monitoring.


    Craig Scott

    • jeremy

      Thanks a lot!
      It is hard to judge, however, how long it really took me to install it. I kinda took my time and kept stopping to make the videos and such. Overall, I’d say it took less than 3 hours. A lot of that time, however, was spent trying to figure out the best way to mount the sensors on this window or that door, etc. If you take that time out, it was probably around 2 hours of labor. Not too bad.

  • Jeff

    Hey Jeremy,

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say how amazing Ingrid has been. I’ve been a customer for a little over a year now. Always reliable and I even amaze my techy friends by showing that I can access almost all system controls through my iPhone. My mother in law has ADT and it doesn’t compare. The thing’s like an old clunker in every way compared to my slick system. Not to mention she is locked into a ridiculous contract and it cost almost three times more. Just a little tip if you’re looking to save some cash. You can get a ton of Ingrid additions on eBay for much less. I grabbed a few things and everything worked gravy with my system.

  • Yur

    I wish they add cell back-up as it was promised in 2008.

    • jeremy

      True. Although I don’t want the cell unit myself, it is annoying that they promised it and still haven’t delivered. I wonder what the holdup is.

  • Matt Mcl

    After significant research on DIY systems that had a web console / mobile console, I bought this system 1 year ago and have been thoroughly impressed. Wish the video monitoring wasn’t so much, but the system works great, documentation is thorough, and it was easy to install (however, I am an “IT Guy”). The Grid Extender isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and very confusing, but it mostly works. Bottom line – I’d recommend this to anyone.

  • Steve

    Sounds like you really put some effort into this. I hope you get some referrals. Just wondering though, how much is the monitoring with the video?

  • frances

    Hi Jeremy,
    I bought the system this week and tried to set it up but the sensor that I put on my door say sensor found but then it says gc not found and I can’t add it so what am I doing wrong and the console when u plug it into the outlet it lits up but the screen is blank,is this suppose to be like that? plus the base does it need to have a phone jack plug in for it to work apart from the internet?

  • jeremy

    I was lucky enough to have every one of the pieces I bought work just fine out of the box. A friend of mine had a problem, however, but called the 800 number for support and they fixed it right up. Hard to guess what your problem might be, but I’m sure they can help you out. as for the phone jack: yeah, if you want it to call in an alarm if your internet connection is not functioning, you want the base unit plugged into a phone line. you don’t NEED to have all the other units (control station, grid extender) plugged into a phone line, however, they are just additional backup connections.

  • frances

    thanks you for yr reply,I called them and finally figure it out that it was the control panel that’s not working and are working on getting a new one sed out so we’ll see what happens next.

  • TeddyballGame

    I’ve had the Ingrid / Lifeshield security since December 2009, and I can tell you I’m still really impressed with the system! There have been no problems what so ever and I even purchased two glasss breakage sensors, and one motion sensor for the cellar. I am glad I made the purchase, and continue to be very pleased with Lifeshield/Ingrid.

  • frances

    so far I like it.has anyone tried the fire/smoke detecter? and how does it work? I’m thinking of getting one but not sure about it,any advice?

    • jeremy

      I have the smoke alarm detector and it seems to work well…to the extent that it worked when I tested it. I hasn’t yet been used to save my life from a fire 🙂

  • Robert

    Does anyone know the model number for the motion sensor? I know that it is Honeywell but don’t have the model #. Thanks


  • Amy

    Thanks for the great review. Once I’m ready to purchase, I will definitely use your referral link. You went through a great deal of effort to post this and it answered pretty much whatever questions I had.

  • frances

    the only problem i have is when they are suppose to send me the alerts via cellphone,i never get it at all so i don’t know what gives.

  • Monica

    Thanks for the review! I just ordered a system and used your referral link. Hopefully that helps.

  • danielle

    Jeremy – wow – thanks for posting this – a lot of great info!! I just happened to stumble upon LifeShield in a magazine and started researching it for our new home. I don’t like the idea of another alarm company drilling holes in my brand new home, so this is definitely on my #1 list right now.

    Question for you – you mentioned at the top that announcing you have an alarm system is one thing but announcing who it’s with is another – what’s your reason for not posting who your security system is from? Just wondering what your thoughts are on that!

    Thanks again for the great post!!!

    • jeremy

      If a bad guy knows exactly what kind of security system I have, they can do research and, perhaps, find some deathstar-style fatal weakness they can exploit. For instance, if you see that somebody has ADT and you REALLY wanna get in their house, you can be fairly certain that they don’t have the cellular backup service and all their alarm calls go through the phone system. You may also know that certain ADT systems have all the brains in the wall console, so if you cut their phone lines and then run straight into the house and smash the console with a hammer, there’s a good chance the authorities won’t show up.
      I’m not saying this is necessarily TRUE of any service or product, I’m just saying there’s some security to be found in obscurity when it comes to the brand of your security system. If somebody THINKS I have ADT and they cut my phone lines, they’ll get inside and find out that nothing was accomplished by doing so.

  • Bret


    Great review, looks to be a good replacement for me since i wanna get ride of my land line, only reason I have it is for my alarm…… Had a question, how is the siren on the system? is it loud enough? does the siren only come out of the keypad?

    Thanks again for your review…


    • jeremy

      The siren is pretty loud, but it does only come out of the keypad (as far as I could tell). I’m not sure if you would really be able to hear it much outside my house, but I haven’t tested that out 🙂 The one time I’ve allowed it to go off (by accident), it scared the s*** out of the wife and myself. I didn’t hear the warning beeps because I was running the blender, but I sure as hell heard the alarm when it went off.
      Not sure if that answers your question or not…

  • Jennifer

    I am a current Lifeshield customer who was trying to refer someone but could not find a way to creat my own link. I called Lifeshield today, to be told that they have discontinued their referral program. Really, really sucks!

  • Danny

    Hi Jeremy
    Been thinking of getting this system myself. Great write up and videos. Any idea how long the batteries in the sensors last? Is there a low batter indicator?

    • jeremy

      I believe the documentation claims up to 10 years of battery life on the sensors, but we’ll see. The base unit alerts you when there are any sensor problems, including low batteries.

  • David

    Hey Jeremy,

    What’s the bottomline monthly fee on the monitoring service?


    • jeremy

      $30/month for full monitoring. The only possible additional charge would be if you got a camera and you want to pay the $6/month to enable live viewing remotely.

  • Kyle

    Is there a community or forum for life shield users? I have just purchased a new system and have some ideas for new products and uses and would love to hear other peoples ideas. I have been looking around without luck. I know it’s just a security system but it seems like it could be so much more.
    Thanks for the review. It sold me.

  • Terry


    Interesting read and video presentation. Hard to locate any real reviews on the web at this time so I’m hesitant to take the leap on this system.

    Besides your review, do you know of anyone NOT affiliated to Life Shield who has a posted HONEST review?


    • jeremy

      I don’t know about other totally independent folks doing reviews, but there are a bunch of published reviews linked to from LifeShield’s page… reviews from the New York Times, Yahoo Tech, PC World, Wall Street Journal, etc.

  • Mark

    Why kind of alarm settings are available when integrating a motion sensor? Does it allow it allow you to set it at away only or must it be set at stay also? Can you deactivate the motion sensor while keeping all other sensors active? Thanks, Mark

  • Jay

    Thanks for your review! It was very informative. We are seriously considering ordering Lifeshield. How long did it take for you to receive the product once it was ordered?

    • jeremy

      Only took a few days…however, I’m a very short distance from them so it didn’t spend much time in the hands of UPS. If I remember correctly, it shipped within 2 days of my order. I’m not sure if that is always the case.

  • Brian

    I’ve been searching quite a while for an alarm service that didn’t require a rediculous contract. Luckily, I heard a radio ad for Lifeshield a few days ago and I’m close to ordering. Can you please tell me how much the components cost?

  • Scott

    Great review. I’ve been using this system for a few years now and I think it is a great system for the price and it does everything exactly as advertised.

    I would like to see them do an iPhone and Android app because the text based mobile site just looks and feels clunky and cheap.

    I love the notification when my broadband goes out but the function to supress the trouble warning NEVER works. Last week my DSL was out and I tried suppressing the warning beeps with no success. I eventually disconnected everything and removed all of the batteries because the noise was making me go insane.

  • Shower Cubicle 

    the motion sensor that we use at home uses infrared beams and photocells”.~

  • TeddyballGame

    The Lifeshield security system works well and as advertised. Plan on the batteries in window/door open sensors going bad at 10 months old. I’ve had my system since December 2010, and one inside window sensor and one outside garage window sensor have gone out. Overall, I’m impressed with the product and would recommend to anyone looking for a good alternative to the big guys at a reasonable price. The 800# at Lifeshield is adequate, but CR reps are only ok with their customer treatment. For Example, I called and asked for a replacement battery, but no battery arrived. I called back and talked to the billing dept and asked for another battery to be sent. The rep I spoke to demeanor was boderline rude and distrusting to my allegations. But hey, maybe it was just an off day that I called. Enjoy the product, I still enjoy it. ted-

  • Bruce B

    I’m pricing out a system and I would need 5 motion sensors…they are expensive from lifeshield…would the Honeywell part # 5894PI mentioned above work the same….I can get those for much less.

    Can you not have the 7 day practive mode and just ask for a few hours “off-line” for testing?

    I’m concerned about the siren beingin the keypad…I would prefer an really loud siren in the attic near the street..any way to mod a remote siren?



  • joe p

    Got one on ebay for 45.00 delivered. ill let you know as soon as i get it!

    • Dave

      I just installed the system in my house. Works great. i also thought the motion detectors were way too expensive and went to ebay and got them for $33.00 ea. I needed three of them and they work great. They were added to the system with no problem

  • Scot

    I was really excited to get started BUT, I hit a
    deal breaker. It seems that while you can get the
    essential kit, said kit does NOT include a one camera!
    The cost of each camera was about 129.00 per unit.
    I was kinda bummed but,
    I will have to find another way…

  • joe p

    got my motion from ebay as well worked fine! crutchfield has cameras for 100.00

  • joe p

    quick ? guys, my motion detector is installed and recognized by system and online. it registers open closed when tripped. My problem is iwhen system is alarmed and trip motion i watch its status online say open closed but alar never trips??? any help would be awesome as this is a weekend and no customer support.

  • joe p

    meant to say when system is armed and i trip motion it does not trip alarm, I see online that the sensor does register open close but no alarm triggered.

  • joe p

    well i figured it out, you have to have the back mounting plate on or the system thinks its being tampered with and tells you just that on your lifeshield account page

  • Brian

    Thanks Jeremy for all the info. Im very close to going with Lifeshield. Does anyone know if you can add an additional siren specifically to make noise outside your house? So that your neighbors will hear it if the alarm is triggered. I know they put those in the attic usually. I can’t find any information on adding on an additional speaker/siren to make more noise. Thanks Brian

  • Cristian

    Hi Jeremy,

    Great info and I’m really like the info I’ve been reading about LifeShield here and from my google searches. Question about the system does it beep or anything when you enter and leave the home?

    • jeremy

      Short answer: yes.
      Each individual sensor is customizable, including whether or not you get a chirp when it is opened. The vast majority of my sensors are set to trigger a chirp.

  • Cate

    Can the motion sensor be adjusted for pets? I want to buy this system as a gift for my parents, but they have a cat… Wondering if you can have a motion sensor if you have pets without unending false alarms?

    • jeremy

      The motion sensors supposedly won’t pick up motion by medium or small dogs and cats, but I have not tested this. They are kinda industry-standard motion sensors used by other security systems so I’d expect that claim to be true, but who knows.
      I have sensors on every door and window so, for me, the motion sensor is sort of a backup in case somebody gets creative…as such, I only have it active when armed “Away” which I only do when the dog (which is a lab) is not home.

  • YK

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the very detailed explanation on overall installation of the Lifeshield system. I have one quick question, do you know if this Hardware could be monitored by a monitoring company other than Lifeshield ?


    • jeremy

      Short answer: nope.

      • myles

        the 30-day money-back offer is enticing, if i can ensure there are no fine print traps in it. has anyone tested that offer?

        the wireless features, lack of holes in walls and portability of the system are great. i will be moving in 8 months.

        i am a non-techie so please help. i believe there are three ways of engaging an outside monitoring service, which i prefer to self-monitoring. internet, land-line and cellular. which one should be the primary and the others as backups? is it overkill to have two different backups?

        a GSM gateway device for cellular backup costs $199.99 and there is, AT THIS TIME, no extra charge for the monitoring service to accept cellular. guardian is their partner who does the monitoring. still, no contract, which is great. $29.99/month. note: the lifeshield system will not work with other outside monitoring services. it is them or no one.

        i understand that three components need to be hardwired to both land-line telephone and ethernet (for internet access): base unit, grid extender and console.

        i was told these three components receive signals from the sensors and should be spaced out widely as their reach is only 30 feet each. that seems a very short distance. what has your experience been with reach?

        my current house has several rooms with multiple windows and one with several glass sliding doors. i once lived next to someone whose home was intruded by cutting the glass and he did not have motion detection. so i like motion detectors but the appealing low cost of the $300 basic kit catapults with me adding 5 motion detectors. i found selling the honeywell 5894PI for $89 plus s/h and an eBay-er for $57. are we “certain” they work out of the box with the system? this makes a significant difference for me.

        finally, they do not sell an auxiliary siren for external mounting. only the very ample one that is in the console.

      • jeremy

        A) I believe that internet is always primary and the others are used only if the internet connection fails.
        B) only the base unit really NEEDS to be wired in. the other two components have phone jacks on them but they are really just as a backup. I don’t know about the 30-feet apart spec, but I think my components are at the very edge of that, if not beyond it, and I don’t have any problems.
        C) as for the motion detectors purchased from another source: I don’t have experience with them personally, but a commenter up above claimed his (from ebay) worked just fine. I can’t see any reason for him to lie…
        D) are you certain you really need 5 motion detectors? unless you are worried that somebody will break into one room, steal everything, then leave without going elsewhere (which may be the case, I don’t know your situation), couldn’t you get by with 2 or 3 in common areas such as a hallway or in the room with your biggest TV or computer or other high-value item a thief would go looking for? As I said, I don’t know your situation, but try to think like a thief and see if you really need them on every possible entrance. Ask that neighbor if a motion detector in the living room or hallway would have caught the thief that got them.

  • Mark

    A few people mentioned that they bought motion sensors from some place other than LifeShield. can you tell me what specific model of motion sensor your purchased?

  • GP

    Great information. Just ordered this. I called their number and they gave me $25 discount.

  • Joe

    I’ve been using my Lifeshield sys for about 6 mo now and am verry
    Happy! Anyone have any suggestion for low battery errors during winter months
    On exterior doors? They get real cold and start sending low batt warnings all over. Thanks!

    • Andrew D

      Hi there,

      I just ordered the system myself. I haven’t got the HW yet, but one thing I read in the docs was that you want to mount the sensor and magnet on the spacers if you are attaching them to metal parts “for performance.” I can only guess that this is related to the cold transfer. Are you using the spacers, or are the parts connected to metal frames/doors?


  • Kitty

    Is there a 3rd party for magnetic sensors? I have more than 8 doors/windows and $24.95 ea seems pricy.

  • Andy

    how does the monitoring work in this case?
    what is power and phone goes out…will they notice that they can’t “see” my security system?
    Or do they just respond to any of my outgoing alarms? rather than a “non-communication”?


    • jeremy

      they only respond to alarms, but you can set up personal notifications for “non-communication” …
      I have my system send me an email (which I get on my phone) any time the monitoring can’t connect to my system, either because my internet connection is down or the power is out or whatever. If I’m not home and I get that alert, I can call a neighbor and ask if everything is OK, etc.
      If I’m at home when I get that alert, chances are good that I’m already aware of the problem. All the alarm components run for a while off batteries so, in that case, the alarm would still go off (noise-wise) if somebody was breaking in so I could call 911 myself on my cell phone.

      • Andy

        thanks for answering. I have 1 last question – I understand there is some time allowed to disarm the system when arriving home. Does Lifeshield alert authorities if a door is opened but the disarm doesn’t occur? (in other words someone breaks in and then destorys the hardware?)

  • jeremy

    That one I don’t have an answer for, but I find some comfort in the fact that they’d first have to FIND the hardware. They can destroy the console, but that’s not the brains of the system. I’d be very impressed if a thief found my base unit before the alarm went off.

  • Alex

    Hi. How did you end up setting up your garage door so you can see if you left it open?

    • jeremy

      I just put a door/window sensor on the top of the garage door. Added it as a “convenience sensor” so that it doesn’t set off the alarm if the door is opened (and doesn’t prevent the system from arming if the door is open and I haven’t left yet).

      • Alex

        So when you are away from home how can you figure out if you left the garage door open?

        Or when you are in bed at night how can you tell if your garage door sensor is open?

        Thanks for responding. I also got a door/window sensor for the garage, and am trying to find the easiest way to use it. The iPhone App does not give the status of each sensor. And I have not found a way to get that info from the phone unit.

      • Alex

        I just figured it out with help from support. The iPhone app only shows sensors that are open. Doh! I mounted the sensor to my garage door using some pieces of wood, I was told the metal was known to interfere with the sensor. Seems to work like a charm now 🙂

  • Alex


    They also offer a Cell Phone extender. So even if the Internet and phone were down, they can still alert Guardian if the alarm goes off.

    Just FYI.

  • Alex

    And you can hide the cell phone extender anywhere. Even in your neighbors house if it’s close enough 🙂

  • Alex

    I am not a big fan of the idea of the key fob. Sounds like someone just needs to steal that to bypass the whole alarm system.

    • Andy


      Yes, I’m not so sure about the keyfob either. My security system arrived today and I’ll be testing it out. It came with the keyfob by default, so I’ll evaluate it, but not sure I’ll keep it. And yes I’m aware of the cell extender. If I’m happy with my 30 day trial, I’ll be buying that one plus more door / window sensors.

      Later guys,

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