How to replace a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet screen

by on Apr.01, 2009, under Tutorials

Break a screen on a Lenovo X60/X61 ThinkPad and Lenovo wants to charge you ~$900 to fix it. A new screen can be purchased from a 3rd party for ~$250…so I thought I’d take a stab at doing it myself when an employee broke his screen.
That was 4 broken screens ago. As an attempt to make this incredibly mind-numbing and time-consuming task more interesting, I decided I’d record myself doing it to a) see how fast I can do it and b) show others how to do it if they choose to try. 
Good luck…I recommend just sending it to Lenovo. As you’ll see in this video, replacing a tablet screen is much more involved than replacing a regular laptop screen.

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  • Jason

    can the x60 tablet screen be replaced with a X61 tablet screen. reason i am asking is the x61 has indoor outdoor use which i am struggling with on the x60. also would are there any issues with driveres etc software compatability.

  • jeremy

    the internal LCD connections on the x60 and x61 are the same, so the screens are interchangeable, if that answers your question. If you have an x61 to scrap for parts with a good screen, you could take that screen and put it in the x60. As for drivers and such, that’s all handled by the OS and it’ll adjust automatically for the new screen.

  • Julien

    Excellent! Now this is some tutorial video. One question: may we change the xga screen with a sxga+ one? Thanks and congrats again!

    • jeremy

      yes. they all (in my experience) use the same mounts and connectors. as long as the screen as sold as a replacement for your model computer, you should be able to install it. I’m sure there are exceptions, but I think the x60/x61 machines are kept fairly simple, build-wise, so you shouldn’t have a problem.
      In my experience, this has been true of Dell laptops, too.

  • Oliver

    Any tips on reliable sources of replacement screens?

    Seems like the price difference between a used x60 and just the screen is pretty small ($475 v. $350).

  • erf

    I just busted the lower left corner of the screen in my x61 tablet today and came across this site… thanks for the good info.

  • John M

    Lenovo tech seem to intimate that there was a toxic fluid in the screens. Perhaps latex gloves are in order. Just a thought.

  • Jeremy G

    Where did you get your screen? Mine has a broken screen and digitizer and I can’t find any. Thanks for the video!

  • Monica O

    The X61s screen bleeds due to the fastener. Mine lasted less than a year and since it’s very expensive to change, I haven’t. I had an X60 from IBM and it was better in terms of quality. The battery pack lasts approximately 2 years.

  • Jo

    I have also looked into the problem of Thinkpad X61 tablet display when my hinge broke. However, I am not sure whether replacement of the scrren will help. The screen has no visible damage, but the picture is displayed shifted in horizontal and vertical direction just so as if the horizontal and vertical synchronization has caused the shift. The picture repeats at the right end and at the lower end of the screen. But the picture is absolutely stable.

    Maybe the multi-wire cable from mainbord to screen or the graphics chip has a damage. But the picture is stable.

    Would appreciate any goon idea. Thank´s.

  • leovan

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